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A Carbon-Neutral Product Is a Choice for a Better World

Carbon-neutral products have a carbon footprint of zero. Ruohonjuuri has an attractive range of carbon-neutral products to pamper both you and the environment. Choices matter, and small streams merge into flowing currents. Boldly towards a better future!
When you place an order with our online store, you can rest assured that we will pack the products ecologically, without plastic. Read more about the activities of the Ruohonjuuri online store

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Moi Forest
Forest Dust Multipurpose Cream, 50 ml
24,95 € Regular price 30,95 € Sale price
Hand Disinfectant, 1000 ml
14,48 € Regular price 28,95 € Sale price
Classic Conditioner (Rainforest grown), 275 ml
36,95 € Regular price 43,90 € Sale price
Volumizing dry shampoo, 51 g
34,95 € Regular price 40,90 € Sale price