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Coconut Milk Chocolate MCT+Coffee, 50 g

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A great new addition to the chocolate range! Chocolate that can be eaten freely without a huge amount of carbs and sugar! Enriched with MCT oil, it's the perfect treat for all gourmets who are passionate about their well-being.


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Keto coffee cats buzzing!

CUT&GO, Coconut Milk Chocolate MCT+Coffee, 50 g. This fab favourite vegan chocolate, especially designed for keto dieters, is high in fat, low in carbohydrates, sugar-free and enriched with MCT. Chocolate and coffee are inseparable - with this chocolate you get them both!

For those following a ketogenic diet, MCT is important as it contains medium-chain triglycerides which help you reach your goal faster. So CUT&CO helps instead of ruining your diet when you want to enjoy a sweet treat!

CUT&GO carefully researched the needs and desires of their customers and came up with six flavours to invest in. Chocolates enriched with MCT were paired with cayenne or hazelnut, coconut, coffee or sesame seeds.

The products are also made ecologically, so now you can enjoy without the guilt!

cocoa mass*¹, cocoa butter*¹, sweetener erythritol*, coconut milk powder*, MCT coconut powder* (MCT oil*, acacia gum fiber*) 6%, instant coffee* 1 %.

¹Rainforest Alliance certified (Read more: www.ra.org).

May contain traces of milk, sesame, peanuts and nuts. Cocoa content min. 60 %.

Excessive use may have laxative effects.

  • Origin Lithuania
  • EAN: 4779042751084
  • SKU: CUTGO-4779042751084
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