Drinkable Supermeal, Berries, 10 Doses, 378 g

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Ambronite is a delicious and nutritious drinkable super meal that covers all your nutritional needs in two minutes. Boost your days with this superfood mix!


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Ambronite: a smart choice for busy times!

Ambronite, Drinkable Supermeal, Berries, 10 Doses, 378 g. So here’s a handy helper for the busy modern: With Ambronite, you can easily and quickly get sensible nutrition in a deliciously drinkable form. Ambronite is specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of athletes, performers, and outdoor enthusiasts quickly! This nutritious smoothie gives you everything your body needs. This variant of Ambronite Drinkable Supermeal is flavored with berries.

Using Ambronite: Add 2 dl of cold water and a measuring spoon (approx. 80ml.) of powder to the shaker. Shake and enjoy! This giant bag gives you the freedom to dispense Drinkable Supermeal according to your hunger. If greater hunger surprises, we recommend 3 measuring spoons of powder and 600ml of water, giving a meal of 480 kcal and the equivalent of a satisfying and energizing lunch. Storage at room temperature.

Oats protein, almond, oats, apple, coconut sugar, oat fiber, nettle, spinach, flaxseed, chlorella, spirulina, cranberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, sea buckthorn, nutritional yeast, mineral salt, guar gum, vanilla, natural flavors. May contain soy .

Nutritional content/100g: Energy 1745 kJ/416 kcal Fat 16 g of which saturated 2 g Carbohydrates 43 g of which sugars 13 g Dietary fiber 8 g Protein 25 g Salt 0.9 g.

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430056180229
  • SKU: AMBRO-122887534