Bokashi Bedding, Dry, 600 g

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Great, you've chosen a Bokashi kitchen compost! Here's Bokashi bedding to promote fermentation! The bedding is designed to allow microbes to do their best and you'll have nutrient-rich soil in no time.


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Bokashi bedding gives power to the microbes!

Bio-Proffa, Bokashi bedding dry, 600 g to promote fermentation!

Bokashi bedding is made from wheat bran and microorganisms (EM), lactic acid bacteria, yeast, minerals, etc. that are essential for successful fermentation. Molasses and organic sunflower oil have been added to the straw.

The molasses nourishes the microbes and thus maximises their efficiency.

It's great to have good soil, DIY from scratch!

A mixture of bran and molasses 

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