Banana & Chocolate Bar, 55 g

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A snack bar full of protein and energy thanks to the perfect flavour combination of banana and chocolate!


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Banana & Chocolate Bar is a great snack after a workout!

The Chimpanzee Banana & Chocolate Bar is made with a winning combination of banana and chocolate. No trans fats, no GMO ingredients. Contains a generous amount of protein and is a great source of long-lasting energy!

Grab this snack bar bursting with flavour and energy and enjoy life!

Ingredients: rice syrup, gluten-free oats, millet, maize, rice, cane sugar syrup, ground lentils, dried banana (9,5%), chocolate (7%), of which cocoa at least 55 % (cocoa mass 46%, sugar, cocoa butter 10%), rapeseed oil, glycerine (vegetable based), natural flavouring (banana).

Nutritional value: energy 1720kJ/406kcal, fat 13g, of which saturated fat 2,5g, carbohydrate 53g, of which sugars 28g, dietary fibre 9,7g, protein 15,5 g, salt 0,19g.

  • Origin Czechia
  • EAN: 8594157872280
  • SKU: CHIMPA-8594157872280