Vegan Forest Fruit Gel, 35 g

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Sport gel full of pure energy from nature! Vegan sports gel contains only agave syrup, raspberry and strawberry, which is why it tastes so good.


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Vegan Forest Fruit Gel is full of delicious berry energy.

Chimpanzee Chimpanzee Gel gives you fast energy and tastes great - you will have energy to reach higher and longer!

The sports gel contains only three ingredients - agave syrup, raspberry and strawberry - so it tastes great and contains no nasties like additives.

Try it and feel the power in your body!

Ingredients: agave syrup, raspberry 7%, strawberry 3%.

Nutrient content per 100g: energy 1302kJ/308kcal, fat 0,5g, of which saturated fat 0,1g, carbohydrate 77g, of which sugars 72g, dietary fibre 0,11g, salt 3mg.

  • Origin Czechia
  • EAN: 8594157871290
  • SKU: CHIMPA-8594157871290