Keto-Granola, organic, 200 g

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Fill your tummy and boost your day! Here, you have organic and vegan granola adapted for the ketogenic diet!


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Fill your tummy and boost your day!

Goodbye unnecessary carbohydrates and welcome nutrition and useful substances! This granola mix contains a nice dose of nuts and seeds with beneficial nutrients. With this granola, you will feel full for a long time!
Try and enjoy a long lasting energy!

coconut chips,* sesame seeds,* sunflower seeds,* pumpkin seeds,* hazelnuts,* chia seeds,* flax seeds,*xantham gum (*organic) Ingredients: Ingredienser: kokosnötskött,* sesamfrö,* solrosfrö,* pumpa,* hasselnöt,* chiafrö*, linfrö*. Xantangummi (*organisk)

Nutritional value/100 g

Energy / 2451 kJ / 950 kcal
Fat / 51g
Of which saturated 20g
Carbohydrates 9g
Of which sugar 3.2 g
Fiber 16 g
Protein 14 g
Salt 0.06 g

  • Origin Poland
  • EAN: 5906660508014
  • SKU: DIETFO-5906660508014