Ginger powder, 400 g

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Cheery ginger is immensely healthy!


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Cheery ginger is immensely healthy!

Foodin, Ginger powder, 400 g. Ginger is a highly phenolic, and antioxidant-rich root plant that improves digestion. Delicious and warming, slightly fiery ginger is suitable for a wide range of cooking and baking. Ginger has a lot of health-promoting effects, it supports our immune, respiratory, and heart health and helps to maintain the mobility of joints. It also brings tonus and vitality and promotes sugar metabolism. 

Try it in raw chocolate or smoothie, for example. Ginger spices and refreshes salty, oriental dishes as well as sweets.

The products are manufactured at Foodin's Vaajakoski food factory, which is carbon neutral.

Foodin – Better food for a better tomorrow! Foodin is a Finnish family company whose products are characterized by high quality, purity, authenticity, and ethical and sustainable production. All the products are also gluten-free. Try them – you’ll love them!

Health claims / EFSA:

M-2008-1061 2170 - Zingiber officinale (Common Name : Ginger) - Immune health

M-2008-1061 2171 - Zingiber officinale (Common Name : Ginger) - Heart health

M-2008-1061 2172 - Zingiber officinale (Common Name : Ginger) - Digestive health

M-2008-1061 2506 - Zingiber officinale (Ginger) - Wellbeing during travelling

M-2008-1061 2649 - ginger extract (Zingiberis officinale) - helps to maintai mobility of joints

M-2008-1061 2726 - Ginger (Zingiber officinale) - Tonus/vitality

M-2008-1061 2867 - Zingiber officinale - Blood sugar metabolism

M-2008-1061 2868 - Zingiber officinalis (Ginger) - Respiratory health / immune health

M-2008-1061 4200 - Zingiber officinale RHIZOME - Immunity & antioxidant.


100% dried organic ginger

  • Origin India
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