De-stress Tonic, Herbal Refresh, 30 ml

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Wellbeing and stress-free life!


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Fights against stress!

The Frantsila Herb Farm De-stress Tonic is a vitality-boosting herbal tonic taken orally that fights stress on your side - and supports overall health and well-being.

De-stress tonic is made with organic chamomile, oats and lemon balm to calm and help reduce stress on the nervous system. Rosehip extract strengthens the body's ability to protect itself from physical, chemical and biological stimuli. Rose essential oil and floral therapies of spruce and water lilies awaken the senses and lighten the mood.

Packaging size 30 ml.

Use of the herbal tonic De-stress tonic:
Spray directly into the mouth at least twice a day or whenever you feel stressed.
  • Origin Finland
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