Salt Spa Sauna Set With Salt Blocks

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A salt spa sauna set that especially soothes the respiratory tract!


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A salt spa sauna set that especially soothes the respiratory tract!

Feel the wellness-promoting effect of the SuolaSpa sauna set in your own sauna. The SuolaSpa sauna set is a naturally beautiful decoration element for the sauna, the effect of which relaxes the mind and nourishes and cleanses the body.

The SuolaSpa sauna set contains the purest natural salt crystals and an elegant black bowl, which is a natural onyx gemstone.

The crystal salt is mined from pure Himalayan mountain areas.


The bowl is filled with crystal salt, after which it is placed on e.g. sauna boards. (We do not recommend putting it directly in the sauna heater.) Crystal salt acts as a natural ionizer and air purifier, developing negative ions in your own sauna. The warm steam of the sauna brings salt particles into the sauna air, the effect is similar to walking outdoors on the shore of a salty sea or after a storm. It is easier to breathe in negatively charged air, which is especially helpful for people with allergies and asthma. Salt particles also clean and maintain the moisture balance of the skin. Clean the bowl after use. Do not throw tepid water over the bowl. Place and remove the cup from above the stove when the stove has cooled down.

Note Salt dissolves in water. Salt can cause corrosion to metal parts.

Includes: Onyx bowl Ø 16 cm, Himalayan crystal salt, approx. 1 kg
  • Origin Finland
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