Brazil Nuts, 300 g

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Brazil nut is a selenium-rich super nut!


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Brazil nut is a selenium-rich super nut!

Brazil nuts are an excellent source of selenium. Also suitable for carbohydrate-conscious diets.

In addition to selenium, this nutritious nut also contains magnesium, zinc, and iron.

Brazil nuts grow on the tree, especially in Brazil and Bolivia. The fruit of the tree resembles a coconut. Brazil nuts are often used in, e.g., the caramel industry. Brazil nuts are suitable for various dishes but are also good as a snack, for example, with dried berries and fruit.

Use: 2-5 Brazil nuts a day (so that selenium intake does not become too large). Brazil nuts are very rich in selenium. Therefore we recommend that you munch on only a few Brazil nuts a day - no more.

Selenium helps maintain a normal immune system, regular nail and hair health, and normal thyroid function. According to studies, selenium also helps protect cells from oxidation and promotes normal sperm formation.

The Brazil nut is a protein-rich taste experience and a good snack. Taste and be delighted!

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Brazil nuts (100%)

Nutritional content: Energy: 2876 kJ / 687 kcal / 100 g (may vary seasonally) Fat: 68 g saturated: 16.1 g Carbohydrates: 3.7 g sugars: 2.8 g Dietary fiber: 8.6 g Protein: 13.4 g Salt: 0.0001 g

  • Origin Bolivia
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