Freshwater green mud applications, 2 x 240 g

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Marence ready-to-use mud wraps for joints and muscles are, as the name suggests, a ready-to-use support product for the treatment of, for example, overworked muscles or neck and shoulder pain.


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Restore your body's vitality with Marence's Freshwater green mud applications.

Marence ready-to-use mud applications for joints and muscles is a treatment product in which all components work in synergy with each other. Only nature can make such a complex treatment product.

How to use Marence ready-to-use mud wraps?

A mud treatment wrap is a ready-to-use treatment product:

1. Open the package

2. Place the treatment wrap over the area to be treated

3. The mud is inside the application, so there is no need to spray it off with water.

4. The treatment area can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

The package contains 2 ready-to-use mud treatment wraps.

The treatment wrap contains water, minerals, organic substances and micro-organisms.

The range of bioactive substances, microelements and organic substances makes it suitable for non-medicinal supportive treatment of various muscle and joint overloads and traumatic injuries.

Who are Marence ready-to-use mud applications suitable for?
MARENCE Green Mud Application ready-to-use mud wraps are suitable for athletes and active people for the treatment of muscle overload, various sports injuries and micro-traumas (muscle and tendon strains, joint injuries). The wraps are particularly suitable for treating joint problems and relaxing the neck and shoulder area, for example. Also suitable for people suffering from osteoarthritis.

Limus (freshwater mud)

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