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Raspberry Leaf Tea, 20 g

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Raspberry is a favourite berry for many and the leaves can also be used. You can brew a delicious tea from home-grown raspberries!


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Delicious Raspberry from morning to evening.

Nordicforyou, Raspberry Leaf, dried, 20 g. The mildly sweet and tangy raspberry is a favourite berry of many and its leaves are a treat! The leaves are fermented and dried with warmth and a good breeze in a vegetable drier on your own farm. The raw material is sourced locally and bioenergy is used for drying.

Forest raspberries are found throughout Finland, as far south as Lapland. In Finland, raspberries have been used in a wide variety of ways since the times of scarcity. During the war, the Ministry of Public Supply encouraged the collection and drying of young raspberry leaves as a substitute for tea. Raspberry leaves are used either fresh, dried or fermented, which brings out new flavours in the leaves.

Here's how to make a delicious cup of hot tea:

1) Boil water
2) Put the leaves in a teapot, a spoonful (1 gram) equals about 3 dl of the finished drink.
3) Pour the hot water over the leaves and allow to infuse for 3-5 minutes. You can stir the drink gently once during the brewing process.
4) Enjoy as is or flavour with Nordicforyou flavour syrups or honey.
5) To make a second jug, pour water over the already brewed leaves and add half the original amount of leaves. Enjoy!

Health claims / EFSA: M-2008-1061 2487 - Rubus idaeus (Raspberry) - Menstrual health
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