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Good beats evil 6-0!


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Good beats evil 6-0!

The high-quality Immune Support from the NORDIQ Nutrition series is a truly effective blend of fresh freeze-dried plants, such as elderberry and olive leaf, which support the immune system and contain antimicrobial phytonutrients.

Adaptogens such as maitake and astragalus support immunity in stressful times.

The flavonoids and phenolic compounds contained in the black elderberry and olive leaves contained in this product help the body to recover faster from the symptoms caused by the health challenges of the cold season.

We warmly recommend this product to support an active and stressful life to fight the flu and speed up recovery during it.

Dosage and use: Take 1-3 vegetable capsules with a meal or as needed. Enjoy at a different time with possible lactic acid bacteria.

Please do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Ingredients (1 capsule) / Ingredientser (1 capsule)

Organic olive leaf / Ekologiskt olivblad 150 mg
Organic acerola / Ekologisk acerola 70 mg
(of which C- vitaminia / varav C-vitamin 12 mg, 15*)
Black elderberry/Fläderbär 50 mg
Organic oregano / Ekologisk oregano 50 mg
Organic astragalus root / Ekologisk astragalusrot 50 mg
Organic garlic / Ekologisk vitlök 50 mg
Organic gingeräääri / Ekologisk gingerära 50 mg
Organic lingonberry / Ekologisk lingonök 30 mg
Organic pakurikääpä / Ekologisk chaga 30 mg
Capsule (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) / Capsule (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose) 120 mg

*päivittäisestä of intake recommendation % / av referensvärdet för det daggila intaget %

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