Pomegranate Juice, 500 ml

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Pomegranate juice tastes delicious and bursts with health and vitality


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This product bursts with health and vitality

Pomegranate juice is a delicious, really rich tasting drink. Try it and be amazed!

This organic thirst quencher is a health and vitality booster! In fact, it's a widely appreciated elixir for a healthier life.

Oxitien pomegranate juice is 100% organic pomegranate juice. It is ready to drink on its own but its strong taste makes it ideal for watering down.

Ingredients: pomegranate*
*= organic.
  • Origin Iran
  • EAN: 4260173221077
  • SKU: OXITIE-460173221077
  • Packaging text: DE, EN, FI, SE