Argan Oil, Rimitagold, 50 ml

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Argan oil does wonders for your skin!


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Argan oil does wonders for your skin!

Luxurious RimitaGOLD argan oil is a nourishing skincare oil cold-pressed from organically grown argan fruit stones.

First-class oil contains only 100% oil obtained from the first cold pressing (virgin oil). Because of this, it is uniquely effective in skin care. This top-quality natural oil absorbs well into the skin without leaving a sticky surface on the skin. RimitaGOLD is completely fragrance-free and additive-free. It is also a tested safe and pure skincare oil.

Argan oil contains a lot of vitamin E, which soothes irritated, itchy, or even inflamed skin. Because of this, the product works well on the face or intimate area, for example after shaving or shaving. If the oil is pure, the calming effect is felt immediately. Thanks to vitamin E, the product also helps dry or scaly skin. At best, it can even relieve burns and speed up the healing of scars.

Due to the rich vitamin E content, the product contains a lot of antioxidants and omega fatty acids. Antioxidants and vitamin E not only strengthen the skin's elasticity but also slow down the effects of aging on the skin. For the same reasons, the oil also works preventively against pregnancy scars.

A lack of omega-3 fatty acids can manifest itself in humans as scaly and, at worst, inflamed skin. A lack of omega-6 fatty acids, on the other hand, can manifest as dry skin, scaling, and, at worst, eczematous skin inflammation. Argan oil helps with these problems.

Omega fatty acids balance the activity of the sebaceous glands, which balances the oil balance of the skin. Because of this, argan oil is exceptionally suitable as an oil for oily skin as well.

100 % Argan oil

  • Origin Finland
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