Schindele Mineral Powder, 400 g

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A versatile, natural mineral supplement!


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A versatile, natural mineral supplement!

Schindele Mineral Powder (Schindele Mineralien) is a versatile, 100% natural and dry mineral supplement. It comes from Austria, where a very unique source has been discovered.

Schindele Mineral Powder is a 100% natural powder of volcanic rock. The raw material is extracted purely mechanically without explosives. The material is ground using a lunar calendar.

The finely ground minerals are transferred directly from the silo to the jar, without any additives. Schindele Mineral Powder is a pure natural product, therefore the mineral content may vary slightly.

0.5 scoop (3 g) Schindele Mineral Powder in the morning or evening mixed with liquid. Schindele Mineral Powder can also be given to animals and plants.

Please note that this supplement is absolutely no substitute for a varied diet (remember to chew properly and eat consciously) or other healthy lifestyle habits. Please keep the jar out of the reach of small children. Do not exceed the recommended dose.
Schindele mineral powder composition (Analysis 05/2010)/Nutritional Ingredients/100g:

Silicon 56900 mg

Magnesium oxide 850 mg

Iron 350 mg

Aluminum 260 mg

Calcium oxide 119 mg

Potassium, 56 mg

Phosphorus 14.5 mg

Manganese 12.9 mg

Sodium 12 mg

Zinc 7.2 mg

Copper 1.9 mg

Barium 1.6 mg

Chromium 570 µg

Nickel 0.49 mg

Vanadium 0.44 mg

Cobalt 0.38 mg

Titanium 0.32 mg

Boron 0.1 mg

Molybdenum 0.1 mg
  • Origin Austria
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