Pihka-Pekka Cream, 30 ml

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Traditional skin care from Finnish forests


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Traditional skin care from Finnish forests

Pihka Pekka Resin Cream is made In North Finland, Rovaniemi, in the traditional way from pure spruce resin and unsalted butter. Spruce resin has been used in Finland for centuries for a wide range of skincare.

Suitable for problematic skincare. Helps support normal skin health. Softens hardened, and dry heels. The cream is natural and biodegradable. Does not contain skin irritants.

Please Note: Not suitable for resin allergy sufferers

Pihka Pekka is a very rich cream, and even a tiny drop is enough for a large area. Storage at room temperature (In the heat, storage in the refrigerator is recommended).

Spruce (about 17%), sunflower oil, coconut oil, beeswax, lanolin, hemp oil, oat oil.

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