Licorice-eucalyptus gum, 20 g

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Natural chewing gum is your mouth's best friend!


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Natural chewing gum is your mouth's best friend!

This pleasantly fresh, soothing blend of licorice and eucalyptus will blow your tongue away! Have you ever wondered what is usually included in the undifferentiated chewing gum base in the ingredient list? Resins from several trees and substances produced as a byproduct of the oil industry, i.e., plastic. We don't want to chew plastic, so these True Gum gums made from completely natural ingredients offer a solution. True Gum is a plastic-free, vegan, and biodegradable chewing gum made from only natural ingredients. True Gum's basic mass is chicle gum, which is made from the sap of the sapodilla tree. True Gum is biodegradable and stays soft longer thanks to natural chicle gum. Moisture is added by organic glycerin, which, like everything else, is plant-based and does not contain GMO ingredients. True Gum is sweetened with low-calorie natural sweeteners, stevia from plant leaves, and xylitol from Finnish birch trees!
  • Origin Denmark
  • EAN: 5700002082510
  • SKU: TRUEGU-5700002082510

"The best bubblegum and taste lasts and lasts.."

- Jonna

"Heavenly good-tasting bubblegum! Taste fresh and licorice at the same time. Long-lasting flavor!"

- Maria