Cactus Oasis Face Cream (Urang Cactus Oasis Cream), 50 ml

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Urang Cactus Oasis face cream moisturizes, protects and soothes. The light composition absorbs into the skin quickly!


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Protection and hydration for your lovely skin!

The light, skin-strengthening, and moisturizing Urang Cactus Oasis face cream contains the following:

- organic cactus extract moisturizes the skin and thus helps maintain its elasticity. The concentration of cactus extract in the cream is 71.6%, so the cream moisturizes and soothes the skin!

- ceramide, which is a natural ingredient of the skin and protects the skin from, for example, dryness and soothes skin irritations

- squalane, which promotes the absorption of other ingredients into the skin, prevents moisture from evaporating from the skin and softens the skin

We recommend the face cream, especially for oily, dry, or aging skin that is thirsty for moisture.
  • Origin Republic of Korea
  • EAN: 8809627010407
  • SKU: URANG-8809627010407