Bee Happy Tea

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Fresh, fruity, floral, and a little sweet herbal tea that tastes like the promise of summer. Bee Happy Tea is made to assist wild bees!


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Bee Happy Tea is made to assist wild bees!

As a producer of organic teas, Yodi Tea works hard to preserve nature. Bee Happy Tea is made to assist wild bees. This tea is made with plants that wild bees are particularly fond of as a food source. Petals are used in this floral tea blend once the plants have finished flowering. In addition, Yogi Tea is providing selected growers with nesting aids.

Yogi Tea (USA) has been making its legendary Ayurvedic tea blends, based on organic herbs and spices, for 40 years. Yogi Tea has more than 40 different tea blends supporting health. Yogi Tea works following the highest ethical principles in collaboration with farmers and other partners, bearing its social and environmental responsibilities.
Ingredients: Peppermint* (30%), apple*, chamomile flowers* (14%), liquorice*, white hibiscus*, rosemary*, sage*, lavender flowers* (2,5%), thyme*, yarrow*, oregano*

* Certified organic
  • Origin Germany
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