Diffusers and Nebulizer: Humidifiers and soothing aromatherapy

The popularity of essential oils has grown enormously in recent years. There are many ways to evaporate oils - here we present three different ways. Take a look!
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Essential oil is the power of the plant in a concentrated form. It's the plant's own natural pharmacy, with which the plant treats and repairs itself and attracts pollinators with its fragrance. No wonder essential oils are bursting with nurturing power and sensory-indulging fragrances.

Essential oils are perfect for gentle, natural self-care. Multi-purpose oils can be used to lift moods, treat skin, disinfect, ease cold symptoms, create a mood or even wash your laundry.

The Nebulizer

The mist diffuser or nebulizer is the quality choice of the ultimate friend of essential oils, used by many aromatherapy professionals. The difference with traditional diffusers is that in a nebulizer, the oil is not added to water but directly into the device. This allows the essential oils to enter the room air in a more concentrated form: the aromatherapy power of the oils is stronger.

Fragrance lamp

The scented lamp has the advantage of a low price and the fact that the candle burning in the lamp creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere. In terms of essential oil efficacy, a fragrance lamp is not an ideal choice because the essential oil in a fragrance lamp gets hot, losing some of the therapeutic effects of the oils. In addition, the candle releases a burn into the room air, which can contaminate the fragrance of the essential oil.

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The ultrasonic diffuser

In an ultrasonic diffuser, the essential oil is mixed with water and the fragrance floats into the air in a mixture of water vapour. The fragrance comes in a mild mist, which makes the diffuser also suitable for people who are sensitive to strong scents.
The ultrasonic diffuser also has the advantage of humidifying the air in the room - of course, it can also be used as a humidifier without essential oils.

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