Ruohonjuuri Ltd

Well-being from root to top

Ruohonjuuri today

Domestic Ruohonjuuri is an ecological retail chain for holistic and organic well-being. We specialize in nutritional supplements, superfoods, natural cosmetics, and nutrient-rich organic snacks. In 2022, Ruohonjuuri opened Europe's largest welfare store in Helsinki on Mannerheimintie. In the gorgeous, nearly 700-square-meter store, you can find all our products, from natural cosmetics to nutritional supplements, and you get helpful customer service. We have 16 stores in Finland and an online store at The Swedish-language online store is served at, and English-speaking customers are served at About 200 people work in Ruohonjuuri. The ownership of Ruohonjuuri consists of environmental organizations and individuals. One of the largest shareholders is the Finnish environmental organizations YKY Ry and Dodo Ry. 

Ruohonjuuri's mission and dream

Ruohonjuuri is a sustainable life movement. When Ruohonjuuri was founded in 1982, its core idea was responsibility for future generations.


Today, this idea is more relevant than ever. The Ruohonjuuri is a transformative factor in sustainable life that will multiply its positive impact on the world in the future. Climate change, natural disasters, and greenwashing have become part of our daily lives. The world needs rescuers. We want to help our customers find solutions for a more sustainable life.

Empathy, ethics, and making positive change are the cornerstones of all our actions. Together, we will change the world positively and holistically.

Our selection 

Our promise in product selection is simple: "Every product is a more sustainable and quality choice for humans and nature." The entire product range is carefully selected by us so that you can be sure you get the best products for your well-being. We only accept products that represent a better choice for human and natural welfare. That's why our experts have curated a high-quality selection of natural cosmetics, nutritional supplements, organic snacks, and pampering products that respect our planet and all life within it.

Our promises

1) We read the list of ingredients for you.
The ingredients must not contain any harmful ingredients for humans or nature.
2) We test the product for you.
The products must perform excellently and deliver on their promises.
3) We check the ethics and responsibility of the product.
With our own accountability survey, we are figuring out the overall sustainability development. In our survey to our partners, we investigate the responsibility of the products and brands offered to us in the following areas: certifications, social responsibility, ethical production, ecology of packaging, promotion of the circular economy, environmental footprint, and charity. Our goal is to promote sustainability long-term, support each of our brands, and become sustainable changemakers together!
The main categories of our selection are:

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS - clean and effective.
Nutritional supplements qualified for the Ruohonjuuri are flooded with power, not filler ingredients. The synergy of the ingredients ensures excellent absorption and makes it an excellent choice in terms of price-quality ratio. We offer vegan and environmentally friendly options.

NATURAL COSMETICS - are an eco-friendly choice that is good for your skin.
Natural cosmetic products are good for the skin, the body, and the environment. The nutritious, natural, and safe ingredients soften the skin without chemicals.

Ruohonjuuri's organic snacks come from responsible small and local farmers, full of vitamins, fiber, and good fats to support well-being.

Our service promises

Ruohonjuuri customer service is known for its warm and expert approach. We add joy and vitality to life through our services and products. We face our customers with a smile, a positive attitude, and the desire to help. At the Ruohonjuuri, “very nice” – customer service is not enough; our goal is meaningful, memorable customer service. In order to ensure a superior customer experience, we introduce new herbs thoroughly and train our staff continuously, under the guidance of our own nutritionist and eco-cosmetologist. The same first-class service works both online and in stores, up to the consultation of a nutritionist! Our skilled staff is at your service!