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The store's contact information and opening hours can be found on the Stores page. The store-specific availability of the products can be checked on the product card of the online store and confirmed by calling the store.

Cooperation proposals

Are you interested in influencer collaborations with the Ruohonjuuri? Contact us - Influencers

Does a charity need a donor? Contact - Charity

Are you a community or an individual in need of a sponsor? Contact us - Sponsorship

Interested in cooperating with the company? Contact us - Business cooperation


Business sales

Contact our team by email at or by phone at 030 621 9000, and we will put together gifts or meeting packages that suit your needs in no time. Read more about services aimed at companies on our website.

Offering products to Ruohonjuuri's selection

We are happy about it! If you have a product that you think will be of interest to Ruohonjuuri's customers, you can contact us. Read the supplier's instructions.

Product wishes for Ruohonjuuri

If you have product wishes, you can tell us about them using the Product Wishes form.

Customer service at Ruohonjuuri

Ruohonjuuri's customer service is happy to serve you Mon-Fri 9-17 (eastern european time EET), excluding public holidays. Please send your feedback primarily using the form below, so that we can immediately receive the necessary information to process your case.

Alternatively you can email us: 

We will be happy to answer your questions and try to answer your message as soon as possible. So that we can serve you as quickly as possible, please do not send multiple contacts about the same matter.


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Tell us what you think about our services. Your opinion is important to us in order to improve the quality of our service. All feedback we receive will be processed!