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Take care of your body with the beauty of natural cosmetics! 

We spend a lot of time and energy on facial skin care, but every part of the body needs to be taken care of. In the spring and summer months, when your feet are most likely to be bare, it's important to take care of them and do regular foot soaks or baths. When the fall arrives, we tend to take care of our hands after the summer with rich hand creams. In the Ruohonjuuri range, there are many products for cleaning the body, for basic hygiene, for well being and for pampering. We have the best products to treat your body no matter where you live! Ruohonjuuri's natural cosmetic products or their components haven’t been tested on animals.

Here are a few facts about the ingredients being used in natural cosmetics: Organic raw materials with traceable origins are preferred in the manufacture of natural cosmetics. Plant-based raw materials with certified organic quality are favored. No endangered plants are included. The use of genetically modified raw materials is prohibited. The sourcing of mineral-rich raw materials must not destroy the landscape or pollute the environment. The use of synthetic fragrances, oils, greases, and dyes is not permitted in natural cosmetics. Silicones and mineral oils, such as paraffin and petroleum jelly, are also prohibited. Animal fats and proteins such as lard, tallow, and animal collagens are not allowed. 

Natural cosmetics are about the beauty that is more than skin deep-beauty that cherishes wildflowers and their roots. Natural cosmetics are based on the wisdom and power of nature.

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Ibero Footfile Bamboo
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Geisha Shaver
Geisha Shaver Butterfly
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Crystal Deodorant Stick, 120 g
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