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The Highest Quality Supplements and Vitamins From Ruohonjuuri!

Ruohonjuuri has a wide, high-quality, and reliable selection of supplements as additions to your normal varied diet and boosts your day. Try out and take these nutrient-intensive power packs available as extracts, powders, and capsules to support your wellbeing. Ruohonjuuri's selection includes high-quality vitamins, minerals and trace elements, herbal and plant products, probiotics, algae products, bee products, and fatty acid products. We also have sports nutrients and high-quality fiber products.

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Glucosamine, Boswellia & MSM Complex, 50 Caps.
19,90 € Regular price 24,90 € Sale price
KSM66 Double Pack
35,90 € Regular price 44,90 € Sale price
Nattokinase NSK-SD
31,90 € Regular price 39,95 € Sale price
Puhdas +
L-theanine, 50 g
13,90 € Regular price 19,95 € Sale price