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Detangle and destroy dead ends with a natural cosmetic conditioner!

Conditioner is the best partner for shampoo. After washing, the hair needs moisture, nourishment, and shine. You should choose a conditioner based on your hair type: a more repairing and nourishing conditioner is the best choice for thick and coarse hair. If you have soft hair, be extra careful when applying conditioner: Avoid putting conditioner at the base so the conditioner doesn’t flatten the hair! 

We recommend using a hair mask when your hair needs extra attention and deep moisturizing! If you use a hair mask in the sauna, remember to use a towel to protect the hair from the heat.

Tip: Apply conditioner to towel-dried hair for the best results! If you use conditioner straight on wet hair, it won't be able to form a protective layer on the hair, and you won’t get all the benefits from the conditioner. 

In our selection, you will find these fantastic natural cosmetic brands: 

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