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Cherish your complexion with nature's ingredients!

Ruohonjuuri's natural cosmetics are friendly to both the skin and the environment. None of our products contain microplastics. Ruohonjuuri's natural cosmetics products, or their ingredients, have not been tested on animals.

Ruohonjuuri sells popular, high-quality natural cosmetics brands such as Frantsila,  Flow Cosmetics, Evolve Organic Beauty, Whamisa,  Dr. Hauschka, Weleda, Madara, and several others. In our selection, you will find, e.g., hair care products, face and body care products, sunscreensmake-up, and men's skin and beard care products.

Natural cosmetics is about the beauty that is more than skin deep – beauty that cherishes wildflowers. Natural cosmetics are based on the wisdom and power of nature.

Red Clover Cleansing Gel, 100 ml
9,95 € Regular price 18,50 € Sale price
Jimmy Boyd
Verbena body oil, 200 ml
13,95 € Regular price 26,95 € Sale price
Activated Charcoal Floss
1,99 € Regular price 7,50 € Sale price
Nurme Purest beauty
Shampoo Bar, Tea Tree, 100 g
7,99 € Regular price 9,95 € Sale price
Turmeric Bakuchiol Skin-Glow Elixir, 30 ml
19,95 € Regular price 49,95 € Sale price
Marula, Tetra C, Ferulic Acid Radiance Booster, 30 ml
24,95 € Regular price 59,95 € Sale price
Naviter Clean Beauty
Hand Disinfectant, Caring, 150 ml
2,99 € Regular price 16,95 € Sale price
Activated Charcoal Floss, Refill Package
1,99 € Regular price 9,99 € Sale price