Our Values

Our mission, vision, and approach are our most important guidelines. They control every working day. Our vision and mission are not getting old, they are lived within the working community every day. In this way, we further consolidate our already strong and meaningful culture and achieve the things we aspire to.

OUR MISSION: Joy and vitality

Mission means the purpose and mission of our existence. Our mission is crystallized into the words Joy and Vitality. Vitality and joy are reflected in all our activities. We add joy and vitality to life through our services and products. We want to promote an ecological and nature-respecting world as well as a well-being, vibrant and joyful person.

The appearance of vitality in all activities at Ruohonjuuri - especially in these:

  •  store
  •  visuality
  •  products
  •  staff
  •  enthusiasm for customer service

Vitality in customer service means current, creative, even a surprising perspective on the customer’s encounter and the customers problem solving as well as the courage to live in the moment and embrace every situation.


Our vision is to be a Brave pioneer. Well, actually we already are.

Ruohonjuuri is a pioneer in its field and as a pioneer, initiates and creates new consumption habits and trends. Ruohonjuuri invents something new and creates new openings.

We are a Brave pioneer because we are constantly changing and renewing and we want to learn something new! As a pioneer, we are constantly monitoring the competitive and market situation in the sector and we react quickly.

In order to fulfill our vision, we need everyone’s richness of ideas and creativity.
Brave pioneering is also evident in every customer situation!

Strategic Value Promises of Ruohonjuuri

Ruohonjuuri values come true in daily work, every single day naturally - on a small scale and in big decisions. At the heart of all strategic activities and around are clear values; warmth, humanity, culture, and soul.

The goal of Ruohonjuuri is to make the world a better place together with our customers and partners. We ensure a strong brand, strengthen emotional commitment, and emphasize relevance and fellowship to our partners, customers, and employees. Daily work together leads to the desired goal.

All of Ruohonjuuri operations start from the customer and therefore the operations are managed from the customer experience. At Ruohonjuuri we value diversity and are accepting towards customers and staff.

Positivity at Ruohonjuuri is an attitude and the “spirit of the game”: the way business is made. A good feeling is nurtured, shared and strengthened. Positivity is a perspective in everything Ruohonjuuri makes: Things are always taken care of through joy and positivity! Positivity involves gratitude and rejoicing in success - noticing the good in the heat of everyday work.

At Ruohonjuuri a people-centric approach is a simple core value - one of the manifestations of our responsibility. People-centric approach runs like a red thread through the entire chain, from product manufacturers and importers all the way to the seller and the customer.

The jubilant joy and vitality at Ruohonjuuri do good to the world. Everyday encounters are “people-healing work” - their value arise for example, in these times of climate anxiety. Ruohonjuuri invites positive change by increasing joy and vitality in peoples lives. At the same time Ruohonjuuri is changing the world for the better together with customers (“double-transformativeness”).

Superior customer experience sets Ruohonjuuri apart from its competitors. 

Equality and acceptance brand the operations - the desire to make a human-looking imprint tinted with a certain roughness. We also want to cherish these things with love.

Responsibility is Ruohonjuuri´s comprehensive way of acting:
We have a responsibility for the planet and for the future.
At Ruohonjuuri, responsibility is reflected in the product range and interaction with people, as an example to other companies - and in the fact that charity and things are done as a comprehensive part of the activities, done together and in cooperation. Responsibility shows as transparency in all operations and planning.

Ecology is an absolute value for the people of Ruohonjuuri, on which all our activities are built. Ecology is reflected, for example, in product material choices, naturally in Ruohonjuuri´s internal operations, and in a wide variety of business areas. Resource wisdom and respectful use of natural resources are, of course, the cornerstones of our operations. In 2020 Ruohonjuuri has overcompensated the carbon footprint of its own emissions for the next ten years - until 2030.

Ruohonjuuri has a strong experimental culture. We feel the winds, we follow the world, we are agile in all our activities. Let's think new and develop activities. Innovation is evident in our day-to-day operations: product selection, marketing language, store-specific development, operations and events.

The world can be proud of Ruohonjuuri's business