Normal Skin
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Normal skin is soft, clean, and smooth! 

Normal skin is balanced- it isn’t too dry or too oily. Skin is mostly smooth, clear, and soft; it is less prone to blemishes or dryness. But don’t forget that normal skin also requires moisture and protection like any other skin type. With normal skin, you have to maintain it, but don’t under or over-treat your skin!

Cleanse your skin regularly with the right products and moisturize after to ensure that your skin stays healthy! When you feel like pampering yourself, you should try exfoliating or using a face mask

Tip: To avoid breakouts: change pillowcases and sheets weekly!

The Complete Ritual (3 product package Full Bloom Box)
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Fresh Kelp Mask, 6 g
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Yin Your Skin
IHME Botanical Wonder Essence, 50 ml
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Yin Your Skin
Yin Your Skin SILEÄ Silky Facial Oil, 50 ml
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Hydro gel mask, fruits & tomato, 33 g
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