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Food for a Good Life From Ruohonjuuri!

At Ruohonjuuri, we believe that wellbeing is based on good, honest food and feelgood insights. We rely on quality raw materials and lovingly prepared food. We enjoy spelt porridge with blueberry powder and goji berries that help us relish the joy of life. We want to offer our customers a wide range of the best organic products with an experiential and service-minded approach. We believe in freshness, relevance, and vitality.

Our fondness for local food equals our love for organic products. We also believe in fair trade, practiced with respect for people and the natural world. Ruohonjuuri offers you thousands of organic products with no additives – for the benefit of you and the environment.

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Green powder, 200 g
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Peanut butter, crunchy, 500 g
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Instant Lion’s Mane, 40 g
16,50 € Regular price 20,90 € Sale price
Clarified butter (ghee), 300 g
11,95 € Regular price 14,95 € Sale price
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Almonds, 1 kg
23,90 €
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Cashew Nuts, 1 kg
22,90 €