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Natural Cosmetic Sunscreens Are Environmentally Friendly and Gentle to Your Skin!

Chemical UV filters, which are used as active ingredients in “ordinary” sunscreens, are reactive compounds that have biochemically harmful effects on both humans and nature. Physical, or mineral, filters used as UV protection in natural cosmetic sunscreens work differently from chemical protectors used in basic lotions. While a chemical UV filter will absorb the sun’s UV radiation, physical protection reflects the radiation away from the skin.

Natural cosmetic sunscreens are not only friendly to your skin but also to corals!

It is easy to remove the physical sunscreen from the face with a cleansing oil. Of course, you can use the same cleansing oil or shower gel and sponge on your body, for example the gentle konjac sponge is excellent for this purpose.

TipApply the sunscreen 30 minutes before going into the sun. Your skin needs time to absorb the sunscreen!