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Make your skin picture-perfect with natural cosmetics!

Prep your skin with a primer before adding foundation. Primer makes your skin smooth and even. It will help your makeup stick to your skin and make your foundation look flawless. In our range of primers, you can find the perfect one for your skin! 

In Ruohonjuuri, we have multiple different concealers to help you hide any imperfections on the skin. Before applying concealer, you can use color correction to help with redness or dark circles under the eyes. Concealer can hide imperfections but also brighten high points on the face. To brighten, choose a few shades lighter than your own skin, and to cover any area, pick one that is close to your natural skin color. 

Highlighters are for the finishing touches of your makeup. Highlighters are a brilliant way to make your skin glow! Especially in the summertime, a little shine never hurt anyone. You can highlight different parts of your face: on your cheekbones and templates, down the bridge of your nose, the inner corners of your eyes, and above the cupid’s bow.   

Tip: Green is good for correcting redness, and yellow and peach tones are perfect for dark circles under the eyes.