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With natural cosmetics, you can cleanse your skin gently and effectively; effective and eco-friendly! 

No matter what skin type or skin care method you practice, you can find the perfect skin cleansing product in our selection. If you want to use only one product, double cleanse, or are excited to try new skin care products - we guarantee you will find the perfect match for you and your skin! 

Skin care is an essential part of every day, even if you don’t wear makeup. Impurities accumulate on the skin during the day already due to air pollution. 

Double cleansing is basically a skin care routine that consists of two steps; first, the face is washed with an oil-based cleanser, and then the skin is finished with a water-based skin care product. Oil-based cleansing products remove impurities from the skin, including dirt from the air, sweat, makeup, and sunscreen. Water-based products cleanse the skin and pores.

Oil-based cleansing can be done with cleansing oil or cleansing balm. Apply the product to dry skin. Oil-based products don’t stick to dry skin! Don’t worry about spending time with oil-based products. The oil warms up when you rub it on your skin, so it dissolves any makeup and impurities. You can also warm the oil between your hands before applying it to the skin. Our cleansing oils work on their own too, so you don’t necessarily need a second product!

In the second step of double cleansing, the skin is already cleansed of makeup and dirt. Following that, the skin is cleansed with a water-based skin cleansing product; cleansing milk, cleansing gel, or cleansing foam. If your skin feels too dry and “squeaky clean” after using the water-based product, the product is too strong for your skin. In this case, you should change your product to a milder, water-based one! 

In general, cleansing milk is the best for sensitive and dry skin, while cleansing gels and foams are better for oily skin types. By experimenting, you will find the right one for your skin! And of course, our staff is here to help you with the process.

Check out our facial cleansing products, which you can use in your skincare routine. 

Micellar water is perfect in the morning when you clean your skin from the night or have a little makeup on. And also, micellar water can be used in the second step of double cleansing.

Also, we have a zero-waste nature-saving uncontaminated products!

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