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Get gorgeous nails! 

Nail polish is a challenging cosmetic product from the point of view of natural cosmetics: it’s difficult to prepare it entirely from natural ingredients and to obtain a certificate. Despite this, we have selected the most natural opinions for you! Ruohonjuuri’s nail polishes don’t contain hazardous chemicals like most of the nail polish you see in stores. (formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, synthetic camphor, etc.)

For lasting results, use base and top coats; they are important steps to protect the nail polish! The top and base coats are essential not only for longevity but also for the color, finish, and overall appearance of the nail. You’ll find the nail polish removers in the Makeup Accessories & Remover section

Tip: If you want your nail polish to dry faster, try this: Fill a bowl with ice cubes and ice-cold water; after painting your nails, dip your nails into the cold water for about a minute. This will shock the formula into place!