Facial Masks
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Instant freshness from the facial mask!

You can do many different treatments for your skin with a mask: you can moisturize, brighten, or peel with a facial mask, and much more!

Sheet masks are a good way to hydrate and treat your skin within a few minutes. Sheet masks contain ingredients in a serum-like form, so it's best to apply them to clean, moist skin. Tip: To get the most out of a sheet mask, spread the excess product on your neck and chest!

There are different clay masks for every skin type. Clay cleanses skin pores while the mask softens and brightens the skin. Kaolinite, or white clay, is the most commonly used clay in clay masks. Check out Cattier Paris- clay masks!

A facial mask that includes fruit acids (AHA-acids) brightens up the skin, and humectant acids bind moisture to the skin and, in that way, help to balance your skin's normal moisture balance. Water-soluble fruit acids affect the top of the skin and gently peel away dead cells from the skin. Fruit acids, or AHAs, are, for example, glycerin, malic acid, lactic acid, etc. Remember to take good care of UV-protection after an acid peel! 

Bonus tip: Many rich and balmy multipurpose creams can be used in a moisturizing facial mask. You can leave it on overnight for improved results. For the best result, peel your skin before using a mask!