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Pick your perfect foundation based on your skin type!  

At their best, natural cosmetic makeup products take care of your skin: makeup can also be part of your skin care routine! Many makeup products have SPF, which is an important part of skin care and protects the skin. 

Usually, the best match for dry skin is a moisturizing foundation that leaves the skin glowing. Skin that is prone to oiliness or combination skin suits best foundations with matte finishes

In our wide selection of foundations, we have multiple different products for you:

  • mineral-based foundations from various brands like Korento by Flow Cosmetics and Lily Lolo
  • cream foundation powders 
  • traditional and serum foundations
  • moisturizing and toning BB creams 

Tip: In the summertime, skin is more moisturized due to humidity, so a smoothing foundation with SPF will give you the best results. In autumn and winter, indoor and outdoor air is dryer, so you should pick a thicker, more covering foundation that will protect your skin from the cold!