Take omega for the good of your skin!

Dry skin can lead to a variety of problems that often get worse during the cold season.
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In winter, many people's skin becomes drier. Dryness and surface dry skin has an aging effect on the appearance of the skin and often exacerbates existing skin problems. Dry skin can also lead to the formation of impurities when the surface of the skin is clogged. In this case, the cause of the pollution is not excessive sebum production, as one might think. On the contrary - it's often fats that are in short supply. 

It's a good idea to lubricate your skin both internally and externally. Omega7 Skin capsules are a unique combination of two skincare superfoods, 100% plant-based. In addition to the skin-loving blackcurrant and sea buckthorn seed oils, the product is rich in protective vitamin E. This combination makes it easier than ever to nourish your skin holistically!

Building materials from berry seed oils

The most common cause of dry skin is a low or inadequate intake of skin-nourishing omega-3 and omega-6 fats. Few people's diets contain enough of these in the right proportions. Blackcurrant seed and sea buckthorn seed oil contain the ideal ratio of essential omega fatty acids (1:4). They also contain less common fatty acids such as oleic acid (omega-9) and stearidonic acid (omega-3). In addition, these super oils are higher in GLA than large-flowered evening-primrose oil and very rich in antioxidant vitamin E, which protects skin cells from oxidation.

The production method matters

Utilizing blackcurrant and sea buckthorn seed oils by eating the berries is a challenge because the seeds often pass through the digestive system without being broken down. The best benefit is obtained from properly processed oil. Because the oils are sensitive to oxidation, the berry seed oils in Omega7 Skin capsules are prepared without chemical solvents or high temperatures. This preserves the active ingredients in the most usable form. The product is ideal for dry skin types, those who value youthful skin and those suffering from various skin problems.