The best mascara in the world?

Can you speak without words and just with your eyes? Madara's new mascara will add sparkle to your eyes and more beauty to your look.
The best mascara in the world?
Many of Ruohonjuuri's customers have wondered why the Madara make-up range hasn't included mascara at all - perhaps the most used make-up of all. The reason is that developing the perfect mascara (meeting natural cosmetic standards and not compromising an inch on high-quality) is incredibly difficult - it took Madara three whole years.

- We searched for suitable ingredients to replace commonly used synthetic raw materials, and tested the composition of the ingredients to get the desired effect with lash-strengthening and conditioning properties," says Madara founder Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere.

After three years of hard work, Deep Matter mascara was finally born and is expected to become a favourite of customers and make-up artists.

Deep Matter Bold Volume Mascara is a vegan beautifier that stays on lashes for a long time. Try it and fall in love!