Antitox Herbal Extract Tablet

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Supports the liver and bile and boosts detox.


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Supports the liver and bile and boosts detox.

Stress, unhealthy and fatty food, medicines, alcohol, smoking, etc. put a strain on our bodies, especially the liver. That's why it's sometimes a good idea to "cleanse" your body too! Antitox contains herbs that support liver function and is therefore ideal for a variety of renewing and cleansing cures. During a body cleanse, it is recommended to drink 1-2 litres of pure water per day and eat a vegetarian diet. Exercising outdoors in the fresh air increases your metabolism and makes you feel fresher. This product contains an antioxidant-rich mariate starch known for its liver-cleansing properties, which helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, benefits heart health and protects cells from oxidative stress. Properties of Antitox: - Supports liver function - Suitable for cleansing cures What can Antitox be used for? For cleansing and detoxification cures and for digestive problems. Is Antitox suitable for everyone? Not recommended for people with liver, kidney or gallbladder disease. Dosage: for adults 1 tablet 2 times a day with water, after a meal. Use as a course of treatment. For adults. Please note that the recommended daily dose must not be exceeded. Know also that a food supplement is no substitute for a varied diet (remember to chew properly and eat consciously) or other healthy habits. Please keep this product out reach from small children.

Ingredients: filler (microcrystalline cellulose), leaf extract of artichoke, seed extract of milk thistle, shoot and root extract of dandelion, leaf extract of boldo, sprout extract of peppermint, surface treatment agent (hydrogenated cottonseed oil)

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