Crataegus, hawthorn drops, 50 ml

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Strengthens your heart!

Vogel Crataegus, hawthorn drops, 50 ml.
Vogels's Crataegus (Hawthorn) is a traditional herb extract used especially for older people to support the heart and nervous system. Crataegus supports the regular activity of the heart and calms down when it's difficult to catch sleep. Because of the relaxing effect, Crataegus suits well for menopause feelings and helps with everyday stress. 




Is Crataegus for everyone?




Product may have cooperative action with heart medicine. You should not use this product if you have kidney/liver dysfunction. This product is not recommended to use if you are pregnant or nursing. NOTE! If you feel any chest pain (may affect the arm and throat/neck) or lower limp swallowing, you should consult the doctor before using this product. There might be symptoms of severe heart dysfunction.




Dosing: Adults 10-20 drops together with water maximum three times/day before meal.  




Please note: that you should not exceed the recommended daily dose. Please do not leave the product within the youngest family members' reach. Remember that this great product is no substitute for a varied diet or a healthy lifestyle, please. 




Health Claims / EFSA:




M-2008-1061 2250 - Crataegus laevigata - common name :  Hawthorn - Relaxing effect - Helps to find sleep




M-2008-1061 2363 - Chinese hawthorn fruit ;(Crataegus pinnatifida) - Heart and cardivascular system




M-2008-1061 2364 - Chinese hawthorn fruit ;(Crataegus pinnatifida) - Intestinal tract, digestion




M-2008-1061 2789 - Crataegus laevigata  Hawthron extract - increase oxygen inflow and improves peripheral blood circulation




M-2008-1061 3329 - Crataegus laevigata - fonction circulatoire et nerveuse




M-2008-1061 3747 - Crataegus monoggyna (Common Name : Hawthorn) - Heart health / Vascular system

Ingredients: 1ml (= 35 drops) contains Crataegi oxyac. fruct. extr. fl. (1:1) 893 mg respond Ethanol 402 mg, Aq. purif. ad 1 ml.

  • Origin Switzerland
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"Vogel´s Crataegus is getting its force from hawthorn. These ”heart drops” have helped me several times whenever my heart is pumping restlessly. I recommend this warmly!"


"Vogel's Crataegus is a "heart drop" that draws its power from hawthorn. I have conveniently controlled the unpleasant heart-throbbing with it. I highly recommend it!"

- Johanna

"So deeply loved Crataegus drops keeps good care of your heart and cardiovascular system. You can almost feel younger than you are!"

- Tuija