Molkosan Whey Drink, 200 ml

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Molkosan does good!


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Molkosan does good!

Molkosan is a classic choice that your belly will thank you for. The renewed Molkosan has a milder taste and a high content of L+ lactic acid but no lactose.

For over 60 years, Vogel's Molkosan has been the only original lactic acid health drink for many people. So it's nothing new, although the health benefits of sour milk products are now being talked about as a new invention.

Molkosan is also an excellent thirst quencher and diet drink - and it has certainly become a favourite among those who value their digestion. Molkosan is rich in L+ lactic acid. Compared to other foods with lactic acid, which are valued for their health benefits, Molkosan's L+ content is in a class of its own. For example, it is twice as high as in natural yoghurt, almost 2.4 times as high as in curd cheese and 3.5 times as high as in sauerkraut!

Molkosan is made from fresh organic milk from happy cows grazing in the Alps. The rich vegetation of the wild meadows gives the alpine milk its own valuable addition. In the production process, protein, carbohydrates and fat are filtered out of the organic milk. The pure whey is pasteurised as gently as possible, so that in the next stage of the fermentation process there is only a specially developed, proprietary lactic acid bacterium (Lactobacillus casei). The result is a clear, L+-rich lactic acid-rich Molkosan.

Lactose-free, the final drink is calorie-free.

Dosage: mix 1 tsp - 1 tbsp in a glass of water for a refreshing drink.

Opened bottle will last in the refrigerator for 2 months.

Please note that the recommended daily dose indicated should not be exceeded. Please also note that this product is not a substitute for a varied diet (remember to chew properly and eat consciously) or other healthy lifestyle habits. Keep this product out of reach from young children.
Ingredients: Milk yeast whey concentrate, potassium citrate, natural flavouring. Mildly pasteurised.
Calorie-free, lactose-free.
  • Origin Switzerland
  • EAN: 7610313411801
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