Almonds, 100 g

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Almonds, 100 g

Organic almonds are food for the heart.


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Organic almonds are food for the heart.

Organic almonds are a great snack, and you can easily tune your diet in a healthier direction by snacking on these! Organic almonds contain protein, fiber, and calcium – in a delicious form. These (sweet) almonds come from Spain, a cooperative of small organic farms. The almond outer shell is removed mechanically, and the thin inner shell remains on the surface - the production of this almond does not require heat; therefore, it can be called “raw food” or raw almond. Did you know that organic almonds are rich in calcium? It contains 276 mg of calcium / 100 grams of almonds! The almond is also rich in magnesium (278 mg/100 g), zinc (3.3 mg/ 100 g), iron (5.2 mg/100 g), and vitamin E (26.4 mg/100g). It is truly a great source of energy! Instead of pine seeds, you can also use almonds to make pesto. Also, try almond butter on the bread as a nutritious snack. Did you know that all the nuts and almonds from the Aduki series arrive in Finland (and are stored) in vacuum packaging? With Aduk, the nuts are packed in bags in small batches, so they remain in their sales packaging for as little time as possible. At the Ruohonjuuri, the life cycle of nuts is fast and new nuts come to our stores several times a week. Store the nuts and almonds in the refrigerator, especially after opening the bags.

Ingredients: Almond * * = Organic quality
The main bag may contain a. bitter almonds (they may therefore be among the common almonds). Usually sweet seeds & auml; producing orchards occasionally produce bitter almonds that are indistinguishable to the naked eye. N & auml; s account for 2% to their parties and health-relevant & ouml; n. L & auml; hde: Wikipedia

  • Origin Spain
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