Cashew nuts, 100 g

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Cashew nuts, 100 g

Ruohonjuuri's best food products are nuts: easily and affordably!


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Ruohonjuuri's best food products are nuts: easily and affordably!

Did you know that Aduki’s cashew nuts were chosen as the best food product of the year by Ruohonjuuri's employees? These cashew nuts are changing the world for the better! Fairtrade-certified cashew nuts are produced from beginning to end with respect for humans and nature. Burkina Faso’s cashew farming cooperative employs decently paid local people in the farming, peeling, post-processing, and packaging of nuts. More than 3,000 families get their income from growing these organic cashew nuts. The production is certified as produced and fair trade. A large part of the work on cashew nuts is peeling, which is done locally - usually, cashew nuts are sent to be peeled thousands of miles to India or Vietnam. The work and wages are left to local small farmers in these good-mind nuts. Energy is obtained from the shells of the nuts. Because the production is organically certified, environmental considerations have been carefully considered. Appropriate working conditions and fair compensation for good work have been taken into account in the rules of Fair Trade, according to which these nuts have been produced.
They are very nutritious and taste great every day and night. These nuts can be used in vegan pesto and milk-free cheeses. We also thank you for the excellent price-quality ratio, Ruohonjuuri's employees add. The Aduki series of cashew nuts are known for their great taste, organic quality, and fairness: the nuts are produced in co-operatives of small farmers in Burkina Faso. The production of cashew nuts is part of a social project supporting local agriculture and ensuring fair income distribution so that farmers and peelers receive decent compensation for their good work.
Special attention is paid to work safety in the production of Aduk cashew nuts. To the highest quality, the nuts are peeled individually by hand. The peelers have specially prepared gloves on their hands, through which the strong substances do not irritate the skin. The delicious cream-tasting Cashew nuts are rich in protein, zinc, magnesium, and heart-friendly fatty acids. Cashew is a popular tropical sweet nut with mild creams taste. Taste and taste yourself! The sweet taste of cashew is also pleasant for children. Did you know that all the nuts and almonds from the Aduki series arrive in Finland (and are stored) in vacuum packaging? With Aduk, the nuts are packed in bags in small batches, so they remain in their sales packaging for as little time as possible. At the Ruohonjuuri, the life cycle of nuts is fast, and new nuts come to our stores several times a week. Store the nuts and almonds in the refrigerator, especially after opening the bags.
Organic cashew nuts
  • Origin Burkina Faso
  • EAN: 6430013862076
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