Hemp shampoo, 250 ml

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Hemp Shampoo gently cares for the scalp and hair. Rich in GLA- + omega fatty acids, it revitalizes and nourishes.


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Hemp also for sensitive skin!

The caring shampoo is made with unwavering craftsmanship and a love of peat and hemp oil. The beneficial fatty acids in oils nourish dry and damaged hair. Moisture-retaining peat strengthens, gives shine and volume to hair. Made by hand - with love for you. Meadows and forests as a laboratory, sunlight, and wind as chemists. The ecological and Finnish skincare series of A&M ( AM Eco Cosmetics) natural products are based on old traditions and modern herbal knowledge. A&M is a clean and natural skincare series where the products' power is divided from pure, natural ingredients. Vegan choice. Suitable for use in the Curly Girl Method.

INCI: Water, detergents, peat, hemp oil, guar flour, apple cider vinegar, preservative, rosemary, orange and eucalyptus oil. Inci: Aqva, decyl glucoside, sodiumcoccoamhoacetate, glycerin, laurylglucoside, sodium cocoylglutamate, sodium laurylglucosidecarboxylate, guarhydroxypropyltrimonium, cannabis sativa, peat, acetum, sodium benzoate, rosmarinus officinalis oil, citrus sinensis oil, eucalyptus radiata oil.

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430016320061
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"Wonderfully natural shampoo without sulfites. Washes well, but not too much!"

- Maria