Balanced Meal Shake, Berries, 10 Doses, 950 g

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The superfood with a twist of berries!


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The superfood with a twist of berries!

Balanced Meal Shake is perfect for the modern individual and for you who are often on the go. With Ambronite, it is easy to get all the essential nutrients plus a lot of superfoods. Ambronite is mostly liked by athletes, people who perform a lot, and outdoor trainers. From this superfood smoothie, you get everything your body needs. Using Amborite: Add two dl cold water to your shaker and a measuring spoon (approx. 80 ml) powder. Shake and enjoy! This large pack gives you the freedom to dose the super meals according to preference. If you feel starving, we recommend mixing three tablespoons with 600 ml of water, which gives you a meal of 480 kcal.

whole-grain oat powder, almond flour, pea protein, coconut sugar, freeze-dried banana powder, psyllium (Plantago ovata Forssk.), freeze-dried apple powder, natural aroma, flaxseed powder, rice powder, freeze-dried blackcurrant powder, spinach powder, mineral tar powder, nutritional yeast, acidity regulators (malic acid), sea buckthorn powder, sweeteners (steviol glycoside).

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430056180526
  • SKU: AMBRO-6430056180526