Aromastick® Energy -natural inhaler

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An invigorating scent full of aromatherapeutic powers! Energy is just wonderfully bursting with energizing essential oils that will make you feel the energy just by sniffing!


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Scent of energy and refreshment!

Aromastick Natural Ingaler, Energy is a scented stick with aromatherapy oils that you can sniff to energize and invigorate, and boost your performance!

The active ingredients in this great scent stick are peppermint, rosehip and grapefruit oil, all organic of course!

The mood is lifted in minutes with a sniff and application is as easy as breathing in yourself: sniff 2-3 times with each nostril while holding the other.

Studies have shown that this unique blend improves oxygenation and boosts physical and cognitive performance. And by reducing the number of mistakes in precision work, it also improves concentration.

Peppermint*, rosemary* and grapefruit oil*

  • Origin Switzerland
  • EAN: 7640150980222
  • SKU: AROMA-7640150980222

"A new convenient way to get the most from aromatherapy. The handy stick goes along in the handbag, and it is easy to use without disturbing other people in the same space!"

- Tiina

"The fresh scent of mint refreshes and gives energy! A small stick is handy to carry along and enjoy aromatherapy during the day without bothering other people with aromas. A convenient way to bring aromatherapy for the office and shared room."

- Tiina