Reusable Cotton Pad

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Say goodbye to disposable cotton pads and unnecessary waste!


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Here, you have a fantastic, environmentally friendly cleansing pad for your skincare routine. A reusable cleaning pad is a sustainable alternative to cotton pads

This cleansing pad from Avril Organics is made of organic cotton and is well suited for facial cleansing. It is wonderfully soft and therefore also suitable for sensitive skin. This facial cleansing pad can be used over and over again. Use the pad together with your cleansing product to remove makeup and impurities from your beautiful skin!

Use the softer side with your cleansing milk or oil and the other side with micellar water or toner. After use, rinse it with warm water and wash it in a washing machine at 40-60 degrees. It can be dried in a dryer.

100% organic cotton - durable and reusable cleaning companion. Try and get really inspired!


* = Organically grown

  • Origin France
  • EAN: 3662217007035
  • SKU: AVRIL-366221700703