Coconut Seasoning Sauce (Coco Aminos), 245 ml

Coconut Seasoning Sauce (Coco Aminos), 245 ml

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The Coconut Aminos sauce is a healthy, soy-free, and naturally gluten-free substitute for soy sauce.


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This tasty product is sure to open your senses!

Smart and delicious substitute for soy sauce! Coconut Aminos contains 75% less salt than soy sauce, but it gives the dishes an insanely awesome, salty-sweet umami flavor.

After opening, store in the refrigerator.

Fair trade organic coconut flower nectar, sea salt

  • Origin Indonesia
  • EAN: 745760033423
  • SKU: BIGTRE-4567891011121

"Perfect sauce for all cooking! I use this like soya to bring rich flavor to woks and stews!"

- Tiia