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It has never been easier to benefit from a nutrient-dense liver. Biomed Liver Powder contains the liver of reindeer that roam free in Finnish Lapland. A gentle manufacturing process and freeze-drying preserves vitamins and other nutrients in an active and highly absorbable form.


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Plenty of nutrients from the liver - with very little effort!

Biomed's liver capsule is made from pure Finnish reindeer liver. The liver capsule is an excellent natural source of vitamin A, folate, vitamin B12 and selenium. 

The product is freeze-dried, additive-free and easy to use. Utilizes a precious raw material that would otherwise become a surplus. 200 grams of liver have been used to make 120 capsules.

Freeze-dried reindeer liver. Capsule shell.

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6417152000507
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